Shaanti portraits - Harsh light


From a portrait session with Shaanti from a few weeks ago .

I started photography shooting in any light I had and being from Australia, most of it was that - blue sky, bright, - reflecting off anything it could light. Then for many, many years I avoided photographing in the harsh Australian light, and although it’s never my top lighting choice - I think it has a feel about it that is beautiful in it’s own right. I started an ever forming passion with photography at around 15 (when my sister got her first SLR and I would trade it for my iPod when I could). I’d just photograph anything and everything I could, with absolutely no strategy at all. I’d always wonder HOW do these Flickr photographers get such amazing focus and coloring and light!? Haha I am naturally a VERY slow learner and rarely do research so of course it took me years of doing, to finally understand how things work. 

So years later it feels really incredible to return to old ways of photographing in this harsh light and have the understanding I do of how to actually work with it, in ways that inspire me. :) This preset is for harsh light (and honestly I never thought I would release something like this, but I’m glad I am and the reasoning - That we may all be as inspired as we can with what we are given. To create with boundaries,(& maybe we don’t like boundaries), but often what we don’t like pushes us into a place of betterment and that’s life right? 

You can get the presets here :)

Elle x