UK travel diary - Scotland to the Cotswolds


I want to start by writing, this past month has been such an unexpected miracle of a time. I thought I was visiting Scotland for a week with Christian, this turned into Extended time across the UK, more time with my good friend Theresa and then even my sister! This is a little travel photo diary for the pure excitement to share some beautiful places and time spent. It's nothing sponsored or for the sake of work. Sometimes you just have to re-fuel and do whatever lights a fire in you, the UK tends to do that for me. The first set of images were take in Scotland in a beautiful small town on the west  coast. Christian found this air B&B which has a private little dock, called Bruce Arms the drive there was filled with nonstop deep conversation about, well everything - and when we arrived we ran all over the house opening up many doors to many living spaces. Excitedly skipping out onto the jetty, finally to drive a minute or two up the road to a little inn where we met two older Scandinavian travelers and there cute little dogs. We discussed many things including our intent to marry, their travel plans and the beauty of Scotland! The next day we picked up two dear friends in Edinburgh and returned to the loch where we spent the evening by the fire, photographing some more and of course drinking hot chocolate (whilst watching the movie 'Sing'. Almost falling asleep - we dragged ourselves off the lounge chairs into our rooms ready to enjoy new sheets in a new bedroom (we always say how we love that feeling). 


I never mind long drives so much, and this next day we drove further north towards Inverness where we reached a quiet little village. I couldn't help but notice many overgrown, lush gardens in the alleyways, over fences, even in windows of homes. Each little cottage taking on a unique feel of it's own. And from this town we finally reached the beautiful Dell of Abernathy.  Which completely caught me off guard. I had seen pictures beforehand but nothing could prepare me for the beauty this place would hold and give and AHHH! I left here overwhelmed in the most incredible way, the hosts were the kind of people who inspire you deeply within five seconds of talking to them. Every detail in this place held it's own function and beauty and history. It inspired both Christian and I for our own future home, even the antique store! We both agreed we would travel back to Scotland just to stay here again. 


Below are some images of our breakfast and a little village we stopped in the following morning. The place was exquisitely lit with cloudy light falling onto the old wooden walls. I am not sure if this was the first time we tried black pudding? But we did and it wasn't all so bad! 


So the next few nights we spent a little further south, the setting was more medieval feeling. I must have rested my camera for those days because I can't find any images! I recall waking up a little later, visiting a tall pink castle, amazing dinners together, more conversations whilst walking through the forest and drives around the countryside :) After we said goodbye, Christian and I stayed around Edinburgh a little longer. Below are some pictures from another amazing castle and a long walk through the country (to try to reach another castle) however it was under construction - so instead we stared at lambs and cows through this soft mist for hours, taking pictures and discussing the upcoming dilemma which was me getting back into America on my ESTA visa. :/ (haha)


The truth is, the last time I came back in to the US they didn't trust my intentions (although I was not wanting to live there, I had been back too many times. I am NEVER good at confrontation. I normally just get overwhelmed and cry, which double doesn't help my case). I didn't make it past the Scottish boarding gate but I was prepared for it. The next step was to re-arrange our life plans a little. We were always aiming to get married this coming August in Australia. So we are moving the official moving date forward. In a few weeks time I was to meet Christian in Israel, it was a planned trip so it didn't make sense to go all the way back to Australia. We decided that I would stay in the UK a few weeks and just take some time to work. So that I did, (more leisure than work). I met so many amazing people, stayed with Theresa some more and my older sister ended up joining me. We re-visited the small village in the Cotswolds we spent some childhood years. We went back to our old house, shops, re-traced old walking tracks and even drove past our old school! It was INCREDIBLE. Along with that we visited many more adorable little villages, castles, inns / pubs, and of course London! 


Above there are glimpses into the Cotswolds, Nyree (my sister) and I stayed in this fairytale air b&b, the outside was a mini tower (actually an old pigeon house), and the inside was this sleek two story mini dome with a giant copper tub - (which we bathed in every night with milk and oils and flower petals. The last images are taken of Amelia and some of THE NICEST men we met as we found our way around Dean village in the rain. Edinburgh is somewhere I could completely fall in love with living, I am sure of it! I wish I could keep uploading all night, but it's time to sleep for me now. I hope this inspired you someway, somehow <3 Lots of love from Australia (lol I finally made it home ^_^.