Living room Art x redecorated


Christian & I have spent the last few months settling into our new home here in Portland! It's one of the best decisions we've made, moving that is! There is plenty of action here in the new street. You can practically sit by the window all day and people watch. So I have been wanting to share some living room decor images plus let you guys know we are introducing prints to the 1924 store! The set are antique still life images based around a French countryside feel . Something which has inspired me since I first went to the South of France with my family at the age of 11!  So you have to know when Christian and I are picking for the store, I am on the lookout for historic French pieces ALWAYS!  - You can check them out here. 

You'l also notice another piece of art which is truly breath-taking! By Shane Artistry (we both teared up when we saw the art for the first time).  He paints with soft layers of oil revealing landscapes, that appear somewhat like a memory from a beautiful dream! I don't really know how else to describe it, just that the works are breath-taking and his colour palettes inspire us beyond words.  You can see his work here.