1924 Signature rings

The 1924 engraved signature rings are now ready to shop on the store! I had been planning these since last year and the style is heavily inspired by the beauty, simplicity and imperfection of nature. We wanted to create something sentimental, that could also have the option to be worn casually or made for the occasion of marriage / something symbolic, hence we have made the style in three materials also making them beautifully stackable with different textures and colour varieties. There is one 14 karat gold, one sterling silver with a golden bathe (this wears off over time leave a matte finish, and one lastly which is the most affordable made from copper and tin. Below I have made a gallery you can have a look at, and feel free to shop them on our store here :):):)

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Shop progress

A quick update to show some shop progress, some recent shoots, outfit inspiration and of course the new TRUCK! Christian’s dad came out for the past month and had been helping us build the shop out, we are really excited to show you more but for now I don’t have much words just excitement to keep going and thought I would share some images here on my blog too :)


Podcast no.1 - Creative Foundations with Nyree & Elle



This post is something personal which I have been excited to create and share for some months now. My first Podcast with Nyree - We are two sisters from & currently based in Australia. We both started our creative endeavors from our teenage years, this is basically just a recorded conversation of what we end up talking about every time we see each other. There is a little bit on inspiration and maintaining a positive and creative mindset, some on our upbringing & a few practical tips from a Q&A we had through instagram :) ( Disclaimer: We are new to this haha and we can be kind of lame, but overall just excited to share!). Below are some funny pictures of us together as liittle babies :):):)

Nyree's clothing label - 


In the Making part 1.

I wanted to make a small blogpost on what physical new goods I have been working on :) - Both of these designs have been ideas I have been brewing inside my head for at least a year. I normally will let something sit for at least six months before I realize, well - I can’t get the idea out of my head so I MUST take action on it haha! Over the past years I have met and collaborated with all kinds of craftsman, especially in the fashion industry. I also had a good friend in the jewelry making industry so decided to call upon him with a ring idea. You can see below some inspiration, some snippets from shoots I have done, and behind the scenes of testing the designs out. These are both staple designs in which I think are understated by exceptional quality and beautiful in their detail. I am extremely excited to have them for sale on our store in the coming weeks and I will keep you up to date with the progress via here and on instagram!!

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Camera bodies and Lenses

Camera Bodies & Lenses (from what I’ve learned:)

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is simply about camera gear. What lenses we use, what camera bodies are good / within price ranges and also which film cameras are worth investing in. Although I won’t claim to know a whole lot about film, I have learned some things worth sharing and I can definitely shed some light on what is good on the digital side of things. Below I have listed quite simply the benefits to a few different cameras we have come across and recommend! 

CAMERA BODIES - These are some mid to expensive range bodies we are currently using and highly recommend. If you are wanting to invest a decent amount into a camera body…

-The Canon 5D mark 4 (for canon users).

-And for Nikon users , the Nikon D850.

hey are both great for photographing self portraits as they have bluetooth & their own apps that are easy to set up and shoot directly from your phone. 

If you photograph more events, I would recommend the Canon as the live view is a lot quicker in terms of show back and when you are wanting to quickly check light / composition etc you can move a little faster.

If you shoot video more, I would go for the Nikon over the canon as it has a  better range of video formats including slomo. 

Both do have basically everything the other has, I think those little differences in speed and video options do end up being the deciding point in which camera I take to a shoot though :)

For more Affordable bodies

Both of these cameras also come in full frame, older additions which I would recommend if you want to keep the budget smaller. The Nikon D800 or D750 & the Canon 5D mark 3 or mark 2. All of these you can buy used via eBay / online for more or less $800. I used the D800 for years and still do at weddings or for a backup! All of these also have simple video features which end up being really helpful! 

Now for a lighter body - which I think is important to note (especially if you are into documentary / wedding photography (or any kind that you don’t want to be noticed with a camera in your hand)! I have never owned Fuj but have wanted one for a while just so I can photograph more subtly in some situations. 

Fuji XT - 3  (super compact, touch screen, fast with 4k video opt wifi & bluetooth).

Fuji X100 F - (simple & compact with a fixed lens. incredible image quality with simple video available. This one also lets you see outside the rangefinder in order to anticipate whats coming in documentary or action shots). This one is also a little cheaper than the Fugi XT-3. 



It’s important to note that everything is in your own unique eye. I rarely think a photograph is made because of the lens, although it does assist, you can work with whatever you have. I have shot entire weddings on the 50mm, 35mm and the 24mm (all separate ones). If you are willing to walk (sometimes really get into peoples faces) and work yourself - you really can get a ton of variety with one lens! 

The ones we use however are.. 

MAINLY - 24mm 1.4  This lens is incredible for atmosphere, landscapes, portraits too (in my opinion) - the lens does easily distort proportions a little as it is so wide, however it’s quite fun to experiment with that in portraiture too! 

100mm 2.8 - This one I’ve been using for portraits more recently as the focus is so soft and beautiful. This lens is also incredible for softening areas in general - like shooting in busy / messy locations as you can very easily just focus on one subject and the light. 

35mm 1.4 - this lens actually is my go-to for video, it’s also a good all-round interior / portrait / landscape as it keeps your lines relatively straight and is wide enough to get quite a lot of the mood into your images. (If I was to recommend just one lens to begin with / use it would be the 35mm).

50 mm 1.2 - This was one of my first ever lenses. It’s a great lens for a mix of close ups and atmosphere, and like the 100mm also quite good at de-cluttering spaces. Most people will say for portraiture it’s a standard, when I started photography it was basically the only lens I shot on for years, maybe I used it so much that’s why I rarely use it. But I would still attest to it being very helpful in the portrait / lifestyle department! 

(Our lenses are mainly with Nikon or canon for our cameras, and we often buy Sigma because they are more affordable, great quality and cater to both of the cameras). 

Below is shot on the 24mm (you can see how small Mont st Michel looks in the distance, We were actually closer to it than where the one shot on the right was.

Below is shot on the 100mm and you can see how much closer the village is!


I will keep this short because we will go into even more detail in our Photography and styling tutorial, however I hope this helped you guys and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions!

Elle x